Artwork and posters

We design posters and illustrations, books, monographs, catalogs, brochures, magazines and prepare them for printing.

These are some of the visual solutions from the portfolio of our main graphic designer Dejan Batricevic:

SHAHMARAN - queen of snakes illustrations for Anadolian fairytale, ink 

FAMOUS MONTENEGRIN HEROES Marko Vujačić, illustrations for the book, ink and pen, watercolor, 210 x 290mm

BROTHER ‘N’ GLORY illustration for poster / dj music event, ink

MARSEJ HAIR DESIGN illustration for hair dresser ad, ink

MOUNTAIN LOVCEN tourism poster, vector and ink 2013 & SNAİLMEAT advertisement poster for brand, vector 2013

FRANZ LISZT 200 years since the birth of, vector 2011

STOP SEXUAL EXPLOITATION poster competition, 2013


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